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[SOLVED] ERROR Serial Monitor Arduino

Can anyone help me explain this error.?
my serial monitor stop after get data this and symbols square in picture. yesterday the code is running, but today i give function ABS( ) and serial monitor stop.


Dear @fahrizal06008,

First, as I can see the data is been published at Ubidots successful. About the symbol at the end, based on my knowledge, it can be produce by a noise in the serial communication, so please make sure of been using the same baud rate assigned in the script.

All the best,
Maria C.

thank you, the problem was fixed, but i am wondering about my arduino stop send data. i have arduino and ethernet shield connect to tp link mr3020, after several time send data, and then stop send data. you can see the picture. why arduino not send data to ubidots again after several time.?

Are you using the Ubidots Ethernet library to send data? or did you build your own script?

i used ubidots ethernet library.

Based on that I recommned you build your own request using directly the Ethernet Client without using the Ubidots Ethernet Library. In the following page you will find the sample example of how to build and send an HTTP request, once you are able to get a response from the example provided modified the request with the one needed to post data to Ubidots, for this, please reference to the Ubidots REST API Reference.

All the best,
Maria C.