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[SOLVED] Error with AT+CIPSHUT with SIM800L

I’ve followed the tutorials and am trying to send 3 variables to Ubidots through the SIM800L. It’s all correctly wired and the code compiles with no issues, but I just can’t work around the AT+CIPSHUT error I get when testing. I’ve tested with two SIM cards from different companies (Telcel and Movistar from Mexico) and got the same results. Any pointers on how to solve this will be greatly appreciated. Thanks

Here’s the code:
#include <UbidotsArduinoGPRS.h>
#include <SoftwareSerial.h>

#define APN “internet.itelcel.com
#define USER “webgprs” // If your apn doesnt have username just put “”
#define PASS “webgprs2002” // If your apn doesnt have password just put “”
#define TOKEN “BBFF-XHWrX0x909bVFN7qzHqDZQqeeiMglV” // Replace it with your Ubidots token
#define VARIABLE_LABEL_ONE “latitud” // Assign the variable label
#define VARIABLE_LABEL_TWO “longitud” // Assign the variable label
#define VARIABLE_LABEL_THREE “temperatura” // Assign the variable label

Ubidots client (TOKEN);
SoftwareSerial gprs = SoftwareSerial(8, 9);
SoftwareSerial *GPRSSerial = &gprs;

void setup() {
if (! client.init(*GPRSSerial)) {
Serial.println(F(“Couldn’t find FONA”));
while (1);

void loop() {
const float value_1 = 10;
const float value_2 = 20;
const float value_3 = 30;

// To send geolocation of the variable put it like this:
client.add(VARIABLE_LABEL_ONE, value_1, “lat=9.92323$lng=1.12323”);
// lng is longitude, and lat is latitude, split it with “$”
client.add(VARIABLE_LABEL_TWO, value_2);
client.add(VARIABLE_LABEL_THREE, value_3);

Here’s the error log

Response o.0000,temperatura:30.0000|end
Response of GPRS:

Response of GPRS:

Error with AT
Response of GPRS:

Error with AT+CIPSHUT
Response of GPRS:
Error sending variables

Hello, Rodrigo

Same problem here with Sim900A.

Check the post and find the code from Mateo Velez - Metavix - a workaround that works [SOLVED] Issues with the Arduino GPRS Shield

The code from the “workaround” should have been depricated by now, but still works.

I hope someone finds the solution to this error, beacause i miss using the ubidots library…

All the best,

Thankyou Andrea. I’ll give it a look.

Hi there @Rodrigom3 , I hope to deploy next week a new updated GPRS library to solve different issues reported by both chat and community forums. I will update you in this post once you can use it.

All the best

Thankyou very much! Loooking forward to it.

Hi there @Rodrigom3 @andreeacl, a new update of the library has been released, please gently give it a try.

All the best


Thank you very much @jotathebest. I will give it a try, for sure. Glad to return to the platform.

All the best,