[SOLVED] ESP32- Best API for congested network


Hi there,

I’m looking at upgrading a project from an ESP8266 to an ESP32. Previously I’ve used the HTTP library “UbidotsMicroESP8266”. Is there a similar library for the ESP32?

Ubidots has been working very well, but I’m wondering whether HTTP is the best method for me because our internet connection is sometimes very congested (there are 40 houses connected to a DSLAM with only a total of 4Mbit/s backhaul to the ISP). Occasionally there is a missed sensor reading, but this could have happened on the LORA link. Not a big problem anyway.

I plan on looking at other methods (eg MQTT, or simple UDP/TCP). However if there is a HTTP library for the ESP32 I would use it initially (because the ESP8266 library worked :smiley:).

I’d be interested in comments on which method is the most robust in a severely congested network. Missing a single sensor reading is not a issue, but the device should handle network congestion gracefully (eg not spent ages retrying, not triggering WDT, cope with high latency, etc)



Hello @bth006,

By the moment we don’t have a library for the ESP32, but you can reference to the the guide below, which will help you to start with the ESP32 and Ubidots:

The example provided in the guide work with MQTT, so you can make the tests and compare by yourself the behavior using HTTP and MQTT.

We highly recommend to our users use MQTT, because it is a protocol for constrained Internet of Things devices and low-bandwidth, high-latency or unreliable networks.

All the best,
Maria C.


Thanks Maria.

I’ve followed your advice and moved over to MQTT. I cheated a bit and used the ArduinoJson.h library. Tonight I will try the “netflix test” …