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Hello Everybody,

I am working with the ESP8266 module and I have the Error at GMR.

I am using the example that comes with the Ubidots ESP8266 library.

I only change the ssid, password, token and ID.

I hope you can help me.


Hi @yukardo,

Could you put your code here ? so we can take a look.

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    #include <UbidotsESP8266.h>
    #include <SoftwareSerial.h> 

    #define SSID "Claro_6215"
    #define PASS "93kZhk6a3K"

    #define TOKEN "1QateDd1HugnbetO5uybBZFpgsQKvD"
    #define ID "581662d27625421efe3cb142"

    Ubidots client(TOKEN);

    void setup() {

    void loop() {
      float value =+ 1;

Hi @yukardo,

We were verifying and the problem is that the ESP8266’s firmware was recently updated by the library’s provider and AT command’s baud speed was upgraded and it is not working properly with the Arduino Software Serial Library, because Ubidot’s Library uses virtual ports and at high baud rates the new firmware produces noise and right now the communication cannot be set between the ESP and the Arduino using only a written code in an Arduino Sketch.

Because the third party ESP’s firmware library doesn’t rest on us, it is a bit difficult for us to solve easily the issue, we highly recommend to our users to use an Arduino Board with two hardware serial ports and not to virtualizate the ports in order to set properly the baud rate without any kind of noise, you can use an Arduino Duemilanove or Mega for having more hardware serial ports Available.

We will be working for trying to solve the issue, but the solution is not trivial and it can take us some time so we gently recommend you to implement your code with a different board or trying a search for an older ESP library firmware."

Best regards,
Catalina M.

Hi @Kath Thanks for your answer.

I am not connecting the ESP8266 and the Arduino.

I am working only with the ESP8266.

Is it the same problem?


Hello @kath!

According to you, also with @bhargavi at this post, and @Metavix in this another post, I try to conclude that we have a problem between Arduino UNO and the actually ESP8266 firmware.

I want to make projects with the ESP8266 because it is a cheap device for IoT, but if I could find another device with a better perfomance, I wouldn’t have any problem to change it.

I had also the same problems exposed at the three forums I said before.

According to your recommendation, an Arduino MEGA is a better option, but: how do we connect the pins of the ESP8266 on it? The UbidotsESP8266 library is the same? Because you talked about some virtual ports and serial ports…

Also, according to the devices that UBIDOTS talk about here, I would like to know which of them you would recommend for having a good experience with Ubidots?

I have some clients waiting for some projects and I would like to make them with Ubidots.

I am attentive and thanks a lot!

Best regards,

Sebastian Morales