[SOLVED] ESP8266 firmware update error


i am using robotdyn uno+wifi R3 board

i am trying to flash the board at firware using the flash download tool

i am getting an error as ESP8266 chip sync error esp_sync blocking.


Dear @rish,

For this kind of issue you can reference to the following topic. I hope this would help you to solve your issue.

All the best,
Maria C.


i have updated the firmware and AT command AT+RSt and AT+GMR are working rest all are giving error

and if i try to upload the sketch it gives espcomm_upload_failed.

any solution for this?


Hi there @rish,

If the AT Commands are giving you errors, unfortunately, the issue is related with your hardware, I would advise to try with another ESP8266 or to open a support ticket to get help directly from the guys from Espressif.

Have a nice rest of day