[SOLVED] Event don't change variable


Hi all!

I have a TH sensor with relay. I monitored TH data and tried to set relay variable via events. This did not work. API HTTP GET request do change variable but events don’t. See my events setting below: .

What I doing wrong?


hey @4ch i ran a simple experiment to test this.

1- Created two variables; “Button” and “Relay”

2- Created two events to control the relay with the button:

3- Created a switch widget to control the “Button” variable, and an Indicator widget to display the status of the “Relay” variable, and it works!

When the button is == 1, the relay is set to “1” by the events engine.

The same for “0”:

Perhaps you can try the same to see if the problem is in the connection of your relay or in your account?


Hi, in ther hands, the Events Setting don’t work I have put trigger during time periods but don’t work.


Hello @Edmundo_garcia we were able to reproduce this issue and our engineers are working to solve it. Will get back to you once it is fixed.

Best regards,
Catalina M.


Any status on this? None of my webhoooks fire on events responding to variable changes.


Hello @kath I got the same problem with Email and Webhook Events. They only works with API HTTP GET. Changes from dashboard are not triggered.


Never mind, I’ve recreated variables and dashboard and everything works fine.