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[SOLVED] Event on variable change & configuration settings (Education version)


Just to start I’m using the education version (in case that makes a difference).

I wanted to have some user adjustable set-points/settings, which could be adjusted by the user through a dashboard and sent back to an IOT device. I was planning to hold these set-points/settings in a Ubidots variable(s) and make them adjustable using a dash-board control. Then when ever these change, notify the IOT device, probably by using a webhook to the IOT platform to either pass the values back or signal the update so it can poll the values (depending on what variables are accessible via the webhook). As these are settings, these will only change very infrequently.

I was looking at the event options and was thinking ideally I’d use something like “event on change” for the variable, to trigger the webhook whenever it changes. Unless I’m missing something, this isn’t an option, as it only allow mathematical comparisons (<>= etc). Is there anyway you can achieve the above?

Or do you need to use a work around, say use a comparison and post 2 values one after another to trigger it everytime ? (i.e. trigger if >10, post 0, then post 20,

Greetings, I think that the easiest way to achieve what you need is implementing a MQTT subscription to notify your device once a change in a control variable is performed, in that way you do not need to worry about implementing more complex webhooks to your IoT device.

You can reference about MQTT SUB here.

All the best