[SOLVED] Event repetition


So one of the reasons I am not too fond of ITTT is that (at least back when I last used them) when an alert or event fired off, it didn’t have a dwell time, so you would get like 30 text messages a minute.

Ideally having an event alert you on a condition (temp above 80 in my case) with the ability to configure a time to re-alert while that condition persists would be great!

So in short, Events need a “Dwell or Reminder” option to enable with a box that lets you configure the amount of time between alert status reminders.


Greetings @jboswell, to avoid spam events they are triggered one time once the conditional associated to it is reached, if you need to launch more than one time your event you should send a different value to trigger the variable and then to send the trigger again, i.e if you have a variable called ‘alarm’ that sends an email if the variable is equal to one and you want to keep sending mails every 10 minutes, your pseudocode for your device firmware should be like this:

  1. trigger reached?
    1.1 yes --> send ‘1’ to variable ‘alarm’
    wait one second
    send ‘0’ to variable ‘alarm’
    wait ten minutes
    trigger reached?
    yes --> repeat routine 1.1
    no --> finish
    1.2 no --> finish

After have sent the trigger to send the email, the variable ‘alarm’ receives a zero to be ready to send the next email again after 10 minutes.

Also keep in mind for business licenses you may ask to your sales representative to deploy customized features if you need it asap.