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[SOLVED] Free account, SMS limits?

I have a free account, with 5 variables. During testing, I noticed a banner telling me I’ve reached my quota on SMS. What are the limits on SMS? X per day? Y total? Per variable?

Also, are the email limits on a free account?

yes there are. You can see that on your account settings and billing. But i could tell you that the max quantity of sms is 5 for free account.

Edit: @mailsnail and @kkearney Sorry I gave you a incomplete answer, my bad. This is a complete answer
Free accounts has 5 sms per month. But you can extend this value paying for it.
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Is that a daily limit? Your paid plans do not show how many more SMS I will will get with the paid account. Can you help?

Hi @mailsnail, the paid plans are thought as pay-as-you-go so there’s no default SMS included