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[SOLVED] Gateway errors when using API


I am trying to download my Ubidots data to my computer via the API. Sometimes it works (i.e., I have been able to download all the data for several variables), but often I get the following errors:

502 Bad Gateway
504 Gateway Time-out

What do these errors mean and how do I avoid them?

Hello @sokol,

We apologize for the inconvenience that you have to going through… The free educational users would experience some lag at the platform due some maintenance jobs that we will make to improve the performance of our core, that’s the reason why your are getting those errors. You can reference to the Documetarion to know the response codes.

The Ubidots team is working hard to give the best to all the users! :grin::blue_heart:

All the best.

Hi, @mariahernandez I’ve been having the same errors, especially when requesting ‘old’ data, data from about 2 weeks or so. I just wated to ask: How long are going to take those maintenance jobs?
IS there any other way to retrieve that ‘old’ data?