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(solved) Getting Error 402 from Ubidots when sending webhook

Why would I be getting error 402 from Ubidots? Currently have a STEM account and haven’t been able to transfer data. Do I need a paid account?

Hello @dbonne ,
Thank you for reaching out to our Community Forum

The reason why you’re getting 402s is because you already have 3 devices, and you’re sending Webhooks that would otherwise create new devices, but considering that STEM accounts only allow up to 3 devices you would need to add balance (pay) in order to have more than 3 devices in your STEM account.

In this case, I’d recommend you delete one of the devices that might not be in use in order to get a successfull webhook where a new device would be created.

For more information on this, please view this article. There you can see that if a Dot is received with a Device Label and no other Devices has already been created with the same label, then our server automatically creates the Device.

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I didn’t realize demo devices counted. Deleted them and boom I am visualizing data! Thank you for direction, am excited to push prototype into development phase.

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