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[SOLVED] Getting started with adding iSpindel as a device


I want to configure my new iSpindel for the first time I just don’t see this device in the preconfigured device lists. (see below) . I can’t really save the wifi config for the iSpindel in the maintenance mode, unless I can provide an default API token but I still left with being able to configure the iSpindel device with all the relevant variables.

Update: You don’t need to select the device from the list, I just added the API Token in the iSpindel config , save and refresh the Ubidots dashboard to view the newly added iSpindel

Hello @westerdaled

Thanks for sharing your question with the community!

Exactly, if the device is not on the list, you can use a Blank Device to connect your device with Ubidots, we are glad to know that you have already figured it out. However, I share below the connection guide of the iSpindel with Ubidots, and I stay tuned in case you have additional questions.


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