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[SOLVED] Golioth Data Plug-In

I am trying to connect a LightDB Stream on Golioth to Ubidots. I am following the instructions here:

But, I am stuck in setting up the plug-in as it is not clear what is needed for the LightDB Stream location. The instructions only say: " LightDB Stream : Data stream to use with this plugin": but it is not clear what is expected here.

Any advice?

Thanks, Chip

Hello @chipmc,

We’re glad to know that you’re using Golioth’s Plugin (and hence their product) for your application.

Following up, we agree with you on the fact the article lack specifics about the LightDB Stream field. We hace since added more detail and would appreciate your feedback about whether or not it makes more sense now.

All the best!

Thank you - yes that update was most helpful.

I realized another way to get the stream name is in the Golioth dashboard on the page with the LightDB Streams activity. If you click on the twisty next to each event, the top level label is the value Ubidots is expecting. This may be another way for folks to find this label.

With your update, the integration is now working. Thank you.


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