[SOLVED] Google maps not updated in browser when position variable updated


I experienced that the google maps widget showing the GPS position of my device is not auto-updated when a location update was received.
All other widgets (Line chart, gauges etc) are updated immediately in the browser when new data arrives.
Is there any plan to auto update the google maps map as well?

thanks a lot!


Hello @markus_e,

Your post was assigned to the developer team to verify the inconvenience, but they was not able to reproduce your issue. Please, can you provide us a video to verify it?

All the best,
Maria C.


provide a video that shows a map that is not updating?


Hey @markus_e!

The developer team found out a issue in the GPS trace widget , not in the Map one, that’s why we couldn’t reproduce your issue at the first time. Sorry for the inconvenience you have to going through. During the day is going to be fixed, I will let you now any advance.

All the best,
Maria C.


I see that it is working now, the map location automatically updates correctly now. Thank you!