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[SOLVED] Graph showing the number of times I failed or sent 0 my device in a monthly history

I need graph showing the number of times I failed or sent 0 my device in a monthly history,
and also the downtime.
This could be done by widgets or by some function of ubidots? I’m new to ubidots, I need help, thanks

Hi @JhonJ,
thanks for sharing your question with the community and welcome aboard Ubidots.

Following up, I may think that this can be achieved by using Synthetic variables, however, to be sure, can you please clarify what do you mean by “I failed”? How would that be represented in the variable?

I look forward to the clarification.


Sergio, Thanks for answering my question, I already have the variable and it sends 0 when it fails or when it has been inactive for a specified time, I want to count how many times it has been 0 in the variable, yes, I was looking at the synthetic variables.
I would appreciate it if you can guide me more, thanks.

@JhonJ, thanks for the explanation.

In order to count the times the variables is been 0, you should implement the following Synthetic variable:


Where RAW_VARIABLE is the variable sent from your device

Then from widgets you can set a count as the aggregation method in order to graph the ampunt of times there’s 0 in a fixed period of time, Makes sense?

Now, please be aware that synthetic variables is capable to get the count, however you should own at least a IoT Entrepreneur license or above.

Lastly, should you want to explore more about synthetic variables, please refer to the below article.


Thank so much, perfect, I did something different but with synthetic variables, another query: will it be possible to have the inactivity time of my variable too with ubidots?