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[SOLVED] 'Hover over values have changed accuracy'

Hi, this afternoon, the ‘hover over’ values on multiple browsers on mobile and desktop have lost precision. My profile is set to 4 decimal places and the graphs are too. Up until this afternoon (BST), the values displayed when hovering a mouse, or finger, over the line graph, showed the correct fractional figure. Now, a figure of 1.0027 will show 1.0000. I don’t think I’ve done anything as it reflected across all my devices after a refresh. Any help would be most appreciated, as it was useful to be able to hover over the co-ordinates and have the correct value shown. Thanks, Keith I’m a newbie to this, so I’m just figuring out how to attach a screen shot…

A few hours after I wrote this, all of the readings started to display as expected so there is no longer a problem. Thanks, Keith

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Hello @KeefDee ,

Thank you for writing as soon as you saw this issue, had we not been aware of it, your post would of helped us. We got working on that issue as soon as we found out about it (thanks to other users) which is why it got fixed relatively quickly.

Again, thank you for posting when you found out that the problem had dissapeared.

Best regards,