[SOLVED] How can I send Latitude and Longitude to Ubidots from Arduino?


Hi, Good Day!..

I’m Santiago from Colombia, I’m trying to send Latitude and Longitude data to Ubidots from Arduino, this for the map in Ubidots, but I have some errors from Ubidots libraries.

I read the documentation and found some codes, for example:

float lat=5.060978;
float lon=-75.509629;
char context[25];
sprintf(context, "lat=%s$lng=%s", char(1.1232), char(4323.123));
client.add("ID_Variable_Ubidots", lat, context);

But in the Ubidots library, in UbidotsEthernet.cpp, the class “void Ubidots::add()” only receive two variables then the compilation give me an error:

 "no matching function for call to 'Ubidots::add(const char [4], float&, char [25])'"

I know that in the code I have an error, but I’m very lost, I need help, please.



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Hi @scg94,

Please take a look to this post http://community.ubidots.com/t/solved-need-to-send-value-to-ubidots-from-4g-gps-shield/642/10
Hope this help you.

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