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[SOLVED] How do I create solid graphs?


Is it possible to have filled graphs? I mean just like line graphs, but to fill the area below the line in a solid colour?


Hello Hein,

At the moments the chart widget doesn’t allow that feature, but you can build the filled graphs widget using the HTML canvas widget. Refer to this article, to have a better idea of how to build it.

Also, this widget can be built internally under demand. If you are interested, please let us and the sales team will reach out to you as soon as possible.

All the best,
Maria C.

Hi has this been made easier yet? I have a variable called running which is 1 when the system is running and 0 when it is stopped. I what a timeline which is a green bar whiles its running and a red bar while its stopped.

Greetings, we have not released a feature as such. I will add a +1 to our internal request queue for future developments.

All the best