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[SOLVED] How to control switch in ubidots with arduino logger

I am using ubidots esp8266 serial library, and using control switch to send 0 or 1 to my arduino logger but nothing happens.I am receiving only -1 in both on/off
here is my arduino code:

    void loop(){
    namespace {
      bool flow_control = true; // control the flow of the requests
      const char * USER_AGENT = "UbidotsESP8266"; // Assgin the user agent
      const char * VERSION =  "1.0"; // Assign the version
      const char * METHOD = "POST"; // Set the method
      const char * METHOD1 = "LV"; // Set the method
      const char * TOKEN = "A1E-G1uLiPw5qumgp5rP1kRFALMOahYMuc"; // Assign your 
      const char * DEVICE_LABEL = "esp8266"; // Assign the device label
       const char * VARIABLE_LABEL5 = "forward"; // Assign the variable label
      const char * VARIABLE_ID5 = "5cec8176c03f97793e27aab3"; // Assign the variable label

      char* command = (char *) malloc(sizeof(char) * 128);
      /* Wait for the server response to read the values and built the command */
      /* While the flag is true it will take the sensors readings, build the command,
         and post the command to Ubidots */
      if (flow_control) {
        /* Analog reading */

        /* Building the logger command */
        sprintf(command, "init#");
        sprintf(command, "%s%s/%s|%s|%s|", command, USER_AGENT, VERSION, METHOD1, TOKEN);
        sprintf(command, "%s%s=>", command, DEVICE_LABEL);
        sprintf(command, "%s%s:%s", command, VARIABLE_LABEL5);
        sprintf(command, "%s|end#final", command);

        /* Prints the command sent */
        Serial.println(command);// uncomment this line to print the command

        /* Sends the command to the telemetry unit */
       float c= Serial1.read();
        /* free memory*/
        /* Change the status of the flag to false. Once the data is sent, the status
           of the flag will change to true again */
        flow_control = false;

      /* Reading the telemetry unit */
      int i = 0;
      while (Serial1.available() > 0) {
        telemetry_unit[i++] = (char)Serial1.read();
        /* Change the status of the flag; allows the next command to be built */
        flow_control = true;


      if (flow_control) {
        /* Print the server response -> OK */
        /* free memory */
        memset(telemetry_unit, 0, i);



Greetings, please refer to our examples to know how to build a TCP request to retrieve data from Ubidots.

All the best

Sir, I am using esp8266 as telemetry device with arduino as logger.
But I am not receiving any data when I am using GET/LV command.
My esp8266 only returns -1 then error message.
Kindly suggest me how i can use the correct logger command to receive data from ubidots at my arduino through esp8266. I have given my arduino code above.

Greetings, please refer to the library official example and make sure to change the method from POST to GET. For more information, please refer to the library docs.

All the best

Hi @mattie3377, i am having the exact same problem as you, and i have been days looking for answer, until i ran into your question, i was wondering if it was possible for you to tell how did you finally solve the problem?, because the answers given by Ubidots to your question werent very clear, thanks it would be a lot of help