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[SOLVED] How to post and get data to any variable in device of ubidots cloud using MIT App-Inventor?

Every time when i run request header code via mit-app inventor it creates new variable at ubidots.com cloud beside posting the value in existing variable.

i just want to post/send some value to one of variable in ubidots.com cloud using app developing in MIT App-Inventor.

what should i do, please help !!

thank you!!

Hi @vijay.dteup,

I hope all is well,

Please make sure to be using the same API label for the device and variable in the HTTP request to guarantee that new value will be store in the same variable. To further help you can you please send us a picture or explain to us where do you set these API labels?

All the best,

In case it helps, here’s an example I used

Btw @vijay.dteup in your original question it is hard to be of more help since you didn’t mention:

  • Which request URL your using
  • How you’re sending the token

Thank you for you reply, i have figured it out :slight_smile:

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thank you so much it worked for me.

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@vijay.dteup Sir please give the. aia file to post data.

Sir please give the. aia file to post data.