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[SOLVED] How to recieve data from Ubidots server (Button) through SoftwareSerial - GSM Sim900


I’ve successfully been able to post data to the Ubidots server (various values as well) thorugh SoftwareSerial but I’m lost on how to get data from the server and how to process it.
For data posting I’ve used a similar code to http://community.ubidots.com/t/how-to-implement-2-variables-with-the-sim900/110

I want to be able to get the data from an Ubidots button. But I don’t know how to store the 1 or 0 data from the button.
I know I have to use the AT+CIPSERVER and AT+CIPGET commands but I haven’t been able to make it work. I need to enable a multiple communication don’t I? (with “AT+CIPMUX=1”)

Another thing, can I recieve and send on the same connection or do I need to close it for data post and open it again for getting data? It takes now 40 seconds to post 4 values, so I don’t want it to take nearly 2 minutes to go though the loop and have to wait that loong to see the results after I click the button.

Any help, link, etc. most welcome.

Many thanks in advance

Hi there, check out their new GPRS library it should solve both questions!

Thanks for your reply. I haven’t been able to make it work with that library. It doesn’t seem to connect, it gives connection error all the time. Thats why I use softwareserial and AT commands… at least I can post data like that.

I don’t know why it gives me always the same error CSQ, so that’s a signal error, the arduino doesn’t seem to be recognising the GSM module…

But I have no idea if it perfectly works with AT commands why it doesn’t with that library wiring it the same way. I connect it to pin 7 and 8 as the library says but nothing

I have modified the library and it now works, i changed the pins as 7 & 8 didn’t seem to work.

Thanks. I mark it now solved. Now with this library is all much easier. Thanks again

Hi, Albertrivero,

could you share your codes?

Thank you.