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[SOLVED] How to send a downlink from UBIDOTS to TTN using HTML canvas Widget

Hi all,

I am trying to send some data with different variable name to TTN using the HTML canvas widget. image
The above image is the HTML canvas widget which I have developed and I assigned a different variable name for each value and I am trying to send it the TTN. But I didn’t receive data in my TTN account. How can we do it? How can we send a downlink to TTN using the HTML canvas widget?

Greetings, I suspect that the TTN Rest API does not support CORS HTTP headers to receive requests from the browser, probably for security reasons. What I advise to you is to setup a TTN alert in your events section related with one of your Ubidot’s variable, and to trigger the event from your Canvas sending data to that variable. You can also implement your solution using the UbiFunctions feature.

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Thank you for your reply.

If its a single value i will do it via triggering the event but in my case its not a single value totally i have to pass 16 value as a single payload. That’s the reason i cant able to use event to send the value.

Is there any other solution for it ? I can combine all the value as a single value, but if i combine its length is 32 bit value. Does the variable able to store the 32 bit value?

You may use UbiFunctions to reach your goal, you will need just to send your parameters to your function and to parse them accordingly for the TTN downlink. Using the functions backend you will not have issues with the CORS headers.

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Could be share me the reference link to make the UbiFuntions?

Thank you

The link is in my previous two posts.

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