[SOLVED] How to send location using context

I need to send location of a sensor using gprs module to ubidots cloud platform, I just read the get started section and i successfully sent the a value 6 by typing
{“value”:“6”} in http body ,but i need to send the location with value ,for that i just took an latitude and longitude example and gave in http body
but this is not working what should i type apart from this to send location to ubidots ??

actually i just need the string format to call the http request from arduino using gprs

thanks in advance

@Junaid_M think that the number of value is without quotation marks. You could try without it.

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Actually either {“value”:“5”,“context”:{“lat”:19.98786,“lng”:12.3445}} or {“value”:5,“context”:{“lat”:19.98786,“lng”:12.3445}} should work