[SOLVED] How to upload text or csv file from ESP8266 ot ubidots


I’m using ESP8266 Nodemcu to collect data from 3 different sensors and then upload these data on Ubidots.

When the WiFi is connected everything works fine, but as soon as the WiFi disconnects I’ll create a txt or csv file to log in the data. When the the device is connected to WiFi again I want to upload the txt/csv file to Ubidots.

I’m not sure if that is possible, if so how can I upload the txt/csv file on Ubidots? Could you please elaborate on your answer.


Greetings @dhmny,

Ubidots just receives plain text, not files, and it makes no sense for me to upload a file if the goal is data visualization, not file streaming. I think that what you should do is this: when your device has a connection again, read line by line your CSV data and send one by one your stored values. Then, simply erase your CSV file to be ready to store additional data in downtime cases.

All the best