[SOLVED] How to visualize data for many devices?


I currently have about 50 devices, that publish their data to Ubidots. Though it fits its purpose for now, in the long run I plan to have between 500 and 1000 devices, and the way I have everything arranged now isn’t too user-friendly.

Right now I simply access data through the device list, which is a lot of clicking around to get what I need. I made a dashboard template for one of my devices, but now I cannot figure out how to replicate this for all other devices, and arrange this in a user-friendly manner.

Any help? Can Ubidots be made suitable for the analysis of a high number of devices?


Dear user, thanks for your inquiry. Your request is well received as it is in line with our roadmap for the next quarter. There are several system integration customers with thousands of devices already who have also requested a better way to handle them. We’re working on a round of tools to better enable device management:

  • Device properties: Add properties to devices (i.e. “City”:“Berlin”), which will enable device-filtering in the future. This is already developed.
  • Device types: This will allow you to provision devices faster by defining device’s:
    – properties
    – variables (names, units, ranges)
    – derived variables
    so that they are automatically configured upon device creation. This is under development.
  • Global Events: The ability to create an event that can be triggered by any of several devices. This is under development.
  • Table view for devices: Besides having a card-view for devices, we will have a table view in order to display more items and offer filtering possibilities. This is under development.

How is your deployment schedule and which of the above could better help accelerate your deployment? please feel free to reach out to support@ubidots.com and we can work together on prioritizing your deployment, and of course be open to suggestions in case the above isn’t enough (i.e. having a dynamic dashboard that changes based on the device, as opposed to one dashboard per device?). In some specific cases, Ubidots can also work with your team to deploy a custom analysis behavior at a reasonable cost and time.

Looking forward to hear from you.