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[SOLVED] HTTP 'get' values all showing 0

Good Day

I am using the HTTP communications protocol and I can’t seem to get any values from Ubidots to my device. My serial monitor shows 0 with every variable I try to monitor. My POST values are fine though.
I even used a sample code without changing anything except the wifi and variable details but I still got 0 on my serial monitor.

I am using the Ubidots.h library

Please help. I am relatively new to IOT development.

Thank You

Hi @mpeni,

Could you please advise what device are you using to retrieve the data?

Looking forward to knowing your reply,


Hello @sergio

I have already worked a way around the problem.

I am using the ESP8266 device.

Thank You All The Same.

@mpeni, thanks for confirming and glad you were able to set a workaround.

Could you please check this thread as solved please?

Have a nice day.