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[SOLVED] HTTP 'get' values all showing 0

Good Day

I am using the HTTP communications protocol and I can’t seem to get any values from Ubidots to my device. My serial monitor shows 0 with every variable I try to monitor. My POST values are fine though.
I even used a sample code without changing anything except the wifi and variable details but I still got 0 on my serial monitor.

I am using the Ubidots.h library

Please help. I am relatively new to IOT development.

Thank You

Hi @mpeni,

Could you please advise what device are you using to retrieve the data?

Looking forward to knowing your reply,


Hello @sergio

I have already worked a way around the problem.

I am using the ESP8266 device.

Thank You All The Same.

@mpeni, thanks for confirming and glad you were able to set a workaround.

Could you please check this thread as solved please?

Have a nice day.

Can you please let me know how did you solved the problem. I am facing same issue with ubidots http request. I am using nodemcu

Hello @prapends

You should refer to the “GET Data from Ubidots” example in the below article as it has been proven to work. Also, make sure that you are calling the get(const char* device_label, const char* variable_label) method with the appropriate device and variable label.


how you solve the problem?