[SOLVED] If an event is triggered multiple times, how frequently is an SMS sent?


I have data that is sent to my Ubidots variable, and have created a event that will text me if the variable exceeds a certain value. Works great.

My hardware can send values very rapidly, and I was worried that I’d get 100 texts per minute. This doesn’t happen, and I don’t understand why. In fact, it sends texts too infrequently despite the conditions being met several times per minute (during testing).

What are the rules? Are additional text messages suppressed?


Hi @kkearney the events are only triggered once the condition is met, but not for subsequent values if the condition is still met.

For example, if your condition is “value > 0” then a first SMS is sent when the variable is < 0 and then becomes >0. If the value stays above your threshold it won’t trigger more SMS, unless it goes back < 0 and then > 0 again.


Thanks for the response, that makes perfect sense.

However, it turns out that was not my problem. I have a free account, and apparently there’s a quota on mow many SMS messages I can send (per day? total? …can’t find anything on this). I’ll ask that question separately in this forum.


Ok cool. It’s 5 SMS per month by the way!