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[SOLVED]Image widget not getting smaller

Hello Ubidots team,
We are using image widget to add customer’s logo within dashboard. We prefer to keep at top left/right along with a customer name in Text Widget.
Somehow, the image widget remains too large (in height). It does not get smaller to fit on header.
It tried to reduce image size (say 30%, with proportion). In this case, image becomes smaller but still widget does not get small.
Effectively, we are not able to use this widget. Please suggest a solution.

Sunand Mittal
YuDash Systems

Hello @Sunand,

I understand the Image widget’s minimum size might still be too big for your dashboard needs.
In those cases, we recommend to use the HTML canvas widget, which minimum’s size is significantly smaller than any other widget.
The only thing is that you’ll need to accommodate the image correctly using CSS and having into consideration different screen size resolutions.

Here’s a quick example I ran using your company’s logo:

If this is still larger than needed, maybe you can include the text portion in the widget to fill in the blanks.

I hope this proves helpful.


Dear David,
Thanks for reply. We will evaluate html canvas.

Sunand Mittal