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[SOLVED] Is Ubidots have its private MQTT Broker

Hello, I wish to ask that which MQTT Broker does Ubidots use? There are a few free MQTT Broker available in the market. Is Ubidots have their own private MQTT broker or they use any free one? I am just curious about this.


Greetings, we have a private broker MQTT implementation and do not use third party services. We also offer private MQTT brokers under users demand, with up to 10000 current connections support. These private brokers are usually used by customers to process custom MQTT packets that do not fit the Ubidots REST API.

Let us to know if you have any additional doubt.

Thank you jotathebest, for clearing my doubt.

Dear Sir, One more question related to the MQTT concept. I have one ESP32 acting as server, getting different data from 4 sensors connected with ESP8266. My question is, can a single device (ESP32) publish all that different sensors data to the broker with 4 different topics (specific to each sensor)?

These are my topics from ESP32 (a).
/v1.6/devices/ a/b
/v1.6/devices/ a/c
/v1.6/devices/ a/d
/v1.6/devices/ a/e
/v1.6/devices/ a/f

Sorry for this basic question.

Greetings, yes, please refer to our docs for further information.

All the best

Thank you Sir.