[SOLVED] LED ON/OFF Zolertia re-mote


Hi! I have a network of zolertia re-motes and a border router built from a re-mote and an ENC28J60.
I got the connection working with Ubidots and I can see the sensor values etc. I now want to send values to the re-mote using a ON/OFF switch on the dashboard to toggle a LED. I cant get this to work.

I have an Ubidots.h where I specify my token and subscriptions/topics. I don’t know how to subscribe to a specific variable on this platform since all other guides are based on the Arduino platform.



Greetings, unfortunately there is not an example from the main developer of Contiki to connect Zolertia with Ubidots using MQTT, my advise is to look theofficial base MQTT example and to adapt it to connect to Ubidots according to ourbroker specification. Probably you will need to modify these lines:

#define DEFAULT_CONF_AUTH_TOKEN       ""
#define DEFAULT_CONF_AUTH_USER        ""
#define MQTT_DEMO_CONF_BROKER_IP_ADDR "2607:f0d0:3:b::2"

If you need additional hints, probably you should open an issue in the official zolertia repo.

All the best


Hi! Solved it. For others with the same problem. I went to mqtt-node/device/udibots_demo.h
where I changed line #93;

#define DEFAULT_COMMAND_EVENT_RELAY “/relay_toggle/lv”

to match my udibots-variable which I called “reference”;

#define DEFAULT_COMMAND_EVENT_RELAY “/reference/lv”

Simple as that!


Greetings, thanks for sharing your solution.

All the best