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[SOLVED] Logging Historical Data (when no connection)

Hi There,

I am testing the service with a Particle Photon, we are taking measurements and sending to Ubidots, all is great.

However from time to time we lose network connection.

To get around this we save our variable data to a local SD Card.

However we cannot work out how we can set the timestamp on the data as it comes to the Ubidots server.

For example, if we recorded 10 values whilst we were off line for 1 hour, and then send 10 values, it would appear as if the values had done nothing for 1 hour and then rapidly fluctuated.

Any advice would be great.


Hey @jsx001, thanks - this is a good addition to our library. Our API supports this bulk upload with different timestamps, but our Particle library doesn’t wrap that functionality yet. We’ll see how far we could be from implementing it and get back to you.

Great, Thanks for getting back

look forward to it,


Has custom timestamp support been added to the Particle library yet? Trying to do the same thing and can’t seem to get it to work.


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Greetings dear user, the attached script may serve you as reference for sending data with custom timestamp.

All the best

particle_timestamp.ino (1.2 KB)


Hello @jotathebest I am interested in this example script, but the link appears to be broken now. Can you post again? Thanks

Hi there, you can find an example here.

All the best