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[SOLVED] Long Time Graph, too much data


When I try to set a line chart over a long period that requires >5000 or more dots this gets simply too slow. Is there a way to condense dots for to achieve the plot over a long time?


Hi @universam,

Could you tell us wich linechart are you using ? widget or variable detail.

I’m referring to Dashboard line chart, that’s the widget right?

In the Sources Tab the chart exactly has this functionality I would like to have in Dashboard as well, so to thin, average the data over a long time.

Is this possible?

Hi @kath and @universam. I’m having the same problem. I need to display a week’s worth of data in one widget, but it’s hanging when I set it up to display that approximate number of data points (50,000). It seems to load fine when it’s only the latest 700 data points.

Here’s my example (dashboard public link)

Hi @universam @sierraaltaaa,

This feature is on demand, it may be active in the next few months.
However you can create a rolling window for this variable with an average or values min or max and get less values.

All the best,
Kath :relaxed: