[SOLVED] Looking for the complete reference of math functions



I am new to ubidots, but already a fan of it :wink: I was looking for the official list of the math functions that I can use. My problem is that I need to calculate the distribution of values in intervals for a variable within a day, i.e. how many values in (0-10), how many in (10-20) and how many in (20-30). Even simplified to the case of a variable “level” with 3 possible values. Something like a countif function. Of course I can split the values in a sensor and work with 3 variables, but this would require me to do other aggregations and also triple the number of dots, as I need 3 probes out of which 2 are 0 indicating .

Anybody has an idea where can I find the complete list ? I only found this post, http://blog.ubidots.com/using-ubidots-scatter-plots-widgets?utm_content=16412471 , is that all ?

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yes i think it would great to ahve all math functions. at the moment it seems quite simple. with mathc function we can create fantastic derived features .


As a business user I really need this information to write our own user manuals.
I have searched but cannot find it.
Please advise on how I can get this.

Thank you


Hello @mantracourt,

At this moment we’re working on a document explaining all the math functions available for the derived variables. Once we finished the document we’ll let you know!

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Maria C.


Hello @mantracourt @bsergiu @diamuk ,

You can find the article at the link below:

I hope this would help you.

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Maria C.