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[SOLVED]Looking for tiny website response KB to Arduino GSMclient.connect(url,80)

Hi - I have working code to HTTP GET/POST ubidots values. No programming questions. I have a question on connection URL for IoT communication from Arduino GSM 1400. “things.ubidots.com” is recommended connect target for HTTP :80 but replies with a 15000 byte login page. This page response is not needed for my(any) project and just add to data costs when hit regularly. Is there a small ubidots.com web page that can be connected to via arduino code which supports HTTP POST/GETs?
FYI - already tried a few tricks. The arduino connect must specify the URL that will be used later in GET/POST json commands. Cannot use a “fake” connect url then use HTTP POST “Host: url” for actual post activity. The POST “Host: url” is not used.

was advised to use industrial.api.ubidiots.com:80 - will share findings…