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[SOLVED] Low cost devices that detect iOS & Android Without App to send push notification

I’m trying to build Proximity Marketing project and I need your advice for low cost devices that detect iOS & Android , or GSM SIM’s to send push notification/message with tailored content based on each customer after capturing his number or mobile IMEI or using any unique identifier.

I don’t want to use ibluee Beaconas as they require the customer is opening the Bluetooth which will not be the case with all customers

Dear user,

In this page, you can find different options to start with your project!

All the best,
Maria C.

Dear Mariah,

Thank you for your answer and support, but what I understood from the page is that provide a guide to someone want to start internet business … I need to find a Beacon or a similar device that can push notification to the customer not only through Bluetooth - [as most people are disconnecting their mobile Bluetooth] - but also through GSM and Wi-Fi … it need to capture unique identifier for the customer and work in both iOS & Android.

Thank you again for your support


I am sure that there are many people who would be horrified at the possibility that some marketing project could push unsolicited notifications to their phones and devices.
You would have to look up their captured ID numbers with the phone carriers to get a subscriber number to then send your unsolicited text message to.
I do hope this is not possible.
Not sure why you are asking Ubidots this question anyway.