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[SOLVED]Map widget not working lately

We have our demo running 24/7

and it worked until recently (days ago). Now the map is not working, but the other widgets are.
We figured it is a temporary problem, but does not seem so. Check the dashboard at


Hello @gambitcomm,

We identified an issue with devices whose location mode was set to “Auto” and never changed before. For the time being, we applied a change that circumvents that bug and makes the dashboard operational again.
The definitive solution will be deployed during the day.



Seems to work.

The problem is back.

@gambitcomm same dashboard?

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@gambitcomm, can you test again, please? We deployed a hot-fix and so far, it seems to be working from our end.
Your confirmation will be appreciated.

works again.
Would be nice if you had some kind of 24/7 monitoring of your dashboards
to detect bugs. We run 24/7 monitors on our cloud-based simulations with detection
within a minute.