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[SOLVED] Map with latitude and longitude as variables

Hi, I’m receiving data from TTN (Great implementation)
I would like to create a gps map but my latitude and longitude are sent as variables.
Is it possible?

Greetings, our REST API only searches for coordinates inside the variable’s context to draw a location inside a map, said that sending coordinates in two different variables is possible but you will not be able to use them in the widget’s map and also it is more expensive as you will need two variable instead of only one.

All the best.

Yes but it is not simple to decode in TTN as required.
Do you know how to decode from lat and long variables in TTN?
I have three variables
Is it possible to create a json like this?
{“position”: {“value”:1, “context”:{“lat”: “-23.1264”, “lng”: “52.2314”}}}

Solved on TTN decoder
decoded.tempUbi={“value”:decoded.Temp, “context”:{“lat”: decoded.lat,“lng”: decoded.lon}};