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[SOLVED] MQTT subscriber doesn't work


I am using MQTT (ssl) to subscribe to one of the variables and try to use the Slider widget to change the value of this variable.But I can not make the messageArrived() callback work.

Does anybody know the reason? Or can anybody provide any tutorial about this?

Greetings, make sure that you are using industrial.api.ubidots.com as broker url. This example may serve you as reference to connect to the broker.

All the best

My account is STEM, so I use things.ubidots.com as broker url. I think I can connect to the broker successfully because my publisher works well. But for subscriber, it still can not work.

Hi there, STEM users must use the industrial endpoint instead of the educational one, this is one of the advantages of using STEM instead of educational, you have available a higher availability endpoint to retrieve/send data.

All the best

Yes, it works! Thank you so much!