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[SOLVED] Mqttlens not publishing data to STEM ubidots account

I am new to ubidots and trying to publish data from mqttlens to test the ubidots (STEM) working or not, though it seems to form connection as it is green but no data is getting published. Is it because of STEM account?

Please let me know if any other settings are needed.


Hello @rodeb,

No, this isn’t because your account is of the STEM type. There’s something else causing the data not to be published.
To better help you, can you please attach some screenshot where we can see the MQTTLens configuration ? Avoid sharing your token, you can hide it in the screenshots.


Thanks for the confirmation! I tried with Matt.fx and could establish the connection successfully.I will share the screenshot for mqttlens.

Meanwhile,I am having another issue,I tried to trigger sms and email for the data reaching threshold,but I could only receive email not sms(mentioning sms is not supported on stem), so how could I enable sms feature in STEM account?

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Hi @rodeb,

Thank you for your response, we will be attentive to the images of the MQTTLens.

Regarding your second comment, each STEM account includes 10 SMS and 1 voice call to the US or Canada. If you need to alert to a different country you could add balance to your account through the Billing section on your profile, and then the SMS alerts should go through as expected. To know the cost of each SMS depending on the country, please refer here.


Hello @rodeb , im having the same problem as you… can you help me to publish the data to the ubidots database?