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[SOLVED] Multiple Messages for the same Event

I have an event set to send me a text message when the temp reaches 50 degrees. This happens any where from 3 to 8 times a day this time of the year. What I noticed just now is that I got multiple texts for the same event on December 3 at 10:37, 2 at 10:38, 2 at 10:39, and 2 at 10:40. Besides getting multiple texts at these times, the temperature was only 45 degrees it was not 50 degress. I confirmed the temperature by looking at the history for that device.During those times it was only 45 degrees Can you tell me what the problem is?

Greetings dear user, we do not report any incidence with the alerts and events engine; please keep in mind that as educational users share server’s resources, the alerts can experience some delay before of being triggered depending on the server’s load. If you can provide us with the embedded chat at your account the cellphone number that received the alerts, I can make an additional debug to see if there is something wrong with your account.