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[SOLVED] No data for derived variable with aggregation

I’m trying to write any derived variable in Ubidots for Education. Currently I have voltage variable which correctly getting updated values every 30sec. Now want to create simple derived variable:

hour_voltage_diff = max(voltage, “1H”) - min(voltage, “1H”)

After adding formula max - min, there is totally no data in my derived variable. It’s not important how long I would wait. I can’t use any aggregation function and even shift is not working. Please help me.

Greetings, the educational platform does not support synthetic variables but rolling windows and derived variables, which do not support that kind of operations as they are intended to compute simple operation types. If you need to extract max or min from your variables, I advise you to create two rolling windows. If you need to create synthetic variables, I advise you to open a free trial at https://industrial.ubidots.com

All the best