[SOLVED] Nodemcu ESP8266 with multiple sensor data sending


Hi! im using a nodemcu V3.0 for retriving data from an accelerometer (MPU6050), witch reads about 20 data per second, I want to send all the read data each second by having the data into an array, but I don’t know how to sent an array from my device to ubidots, can you help me? I’m using the arduino ide for programming my device by the way.


Greetings dear user, to know how to build properly your payload to send multiple values to a variable please refer to our REST API.

Also, in this link you can find an example for ESP8266 based devices to send data using HTTP, it may serve you as reference to build your own script.

Also, keep in mind that our server has a payload limit of 10000 bytes and that free educational users are limited to 1 dot per second, so for a data sample of 20 dots per second I advise you to take a business license.

Hope it helps you.