[SOLVED] Non-integer axis limits not working


Hi. Whenever I try to set my y-axis maximum as a decimal number (e.g., 2.5), it reverts to Auto. It seems to work fine with integer limits, but not decimals. Are we not able to set a non-integer number as an axis min/max?


Hello @sokol,

Thank you… We will review the information and get back to you!

All the best!
Maria C.


Hi Maria – any updates on this?



Hello Julia,

Sorry for the long time in hold… The issue is already fixed but still not-available for the users. Once the technical team upload the changes to the platform I’ll let you know :smiley:

Again sorry for the late reply, the team is working hard adding new features for the users!!! :+1:

All the best,
Maria C.



The technical team informs me that is ready! Please make the test and let me know how everything goes :smiley:

All the best,
Maria C.