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[SOLVED] Not showing data on device table

I don’t know if Im missing an extra step to show the data on the device table? Any other widgets, it shows the data, but when I try with this particular widget, nothing come out.

Hello @Josefdz,

I’ve checked in your account and found out that you didn’t use the Variable labels in the Device Table Widget.

Here is the Variable label of your variable Temperature, please use these (ubidotstemp, ubidotspump) labels in your Device Table widgets accordingly.

That is, in the Device Table widget, where you have Temp and Water Pump, place the Variable labels mentioned above.

On the other hand, in order to show the date of the data, on the Date column (that you labelled “Last Connection”), you need to toggle the option “Use device last activity”

Does this make sense?

Best regards,

Got it!
Thank you!!