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[SOLVED] Number of decimal digits in derived variables

Hi. Is there a way to control the number of digits after the decimal in a derived variable? Either via cutoff or rounding?

Hello @sokol,

You can create a Derived Variable with the round function, like this:
round(variable, number_of_decimal)


Great, thanks!
Is there documentation somewhere on which math functions can be used?

Hello @sokol,

At the moment we don’t have one, but we’re going to work on a article to helps our users with the math functions availables.

Maria C.

Hello @sokol ,

You can find the documentation at the link below:

I hope this would help you.

Best Regards,
Maria C

It is unfortunate that the derived expressions do not seem to evaluate booleans. That would make this feature much more flexible.
X > 0

If this has been deliberately disabled (because one would expect this to be an integral part of any evaluation processing) could we not have it back please.

For a very simple example. If I only wanted positive values and for all negatives to be zero i could use
X * (X>0)

Thank you

Thanks for your feedback, we will keep it in mind for future releases.