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[SOLVED] Organization Dots Limit

In the limits section for an industrial account, I’d like to limit the number of extracted dots an organization can pull from the platform each month so they don’t inadvertently cause an extracted dots overage for my entire app serving many customers. It’s possible for example for a customer to refresh their dashboards, which might have many thousands of variable data points being displayed through several widgets - each time they refresh with a different time range, the dashboard would pull many extracted dots over and over again. Is there a way to enforce a limit like this for each organization?

Hi @tommy_boy,

Thank you for sharing your question with the community. Recently, the product team decided to partially remove the Dots out cost from the pricing scheme. I said partially, as Dots out currently involves consumption from Dashboards, Data exports, Reports and API (retrieving data from 3rd platforms or your devices), so for the sake of not blocking you and your clients to check their data at any time, Dashboards, Data exports, and Reports will no longer generate Dots out consumption. Please note that retrieving data through the API will still generate Dots out consumption. This change will take place from the next invoice. Please let us know if you have additional questions or concerns.


Well that definitely simplifies things for me then! Thank you!

This is wonderful news, I have fallen to this problem often. Will you be extending this to STEM users too please?

Hi @tonyg,

Yes, this will be extended to STEM users too, we are in the process of making the needed changes. I will let you as I have an update.

All the best,

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Magnificent! So happy!

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