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[SOLVED] Particle Error: Problem with including the ubidots library

Trying to get a Particle linked up to send data to ubidots.
Keep getting the following error:

test_app.cpp:1:21: fatal error: Ubidots.h: No such file or directory
    #include "Ubidots.h"

Here is the code im using:

#include "Ubidots.h"
#define TOKEN "f1Aj0t7mavCJh6M0FPL4XpVC8ru9rI"  // Put here your Ubidots TOKEN
#define DATASOURCE_NAME "TEST_SOURCE"  // Put here your Ubidots datasource name 
Ubidots ubidots(TOKEN, DATASOURCE_NAME);
void setup(){
void loop(){
    float A0 = analogRead(A0);
    float A1 = analogRead(A1);

    ubidots.add("HUMIDITY", A0);
    ubidots.add("TEMP", A1);


I am using the 2.1.6 library

@ccole how do you include Ubidots library?
If you add the library by Particle method you will get an include like this:

#include "Ubidots/Ubidots.h"

All steps are these:

  1. Go to libraries:
  2. Select Ubidots library:
  3. Click on “INCLUDE IN APP”:
  4. Select your app:
  5. Click on “ADD TO THIS APP”:
  6. In your code you will see something like this: