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[SOLVED] Particle Photon - DHT11/DHT22 - Ubidots

Could you help me how to send the data from a dht11 / dht22 temperature sensor from a particle photon to Ubidots? So far they only appear in the particle console but I want to send the data to Ubidots.

Hi there, you may reference the basic example for sending a float value and then just add your dht11 sensor read to replace the fixed example value.

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I tried to make the combination of the example you mentioned but I can’t have it send the sensor data, I don’t know what I did wrong or how I should declare the variables.

Hi there, as you have noticed, the method add() receives at least two arguments: the variable label and the dot value, your sensor read must be float type, like the ones of the example, in order to send it using our library.

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You can refer to a project I did with Particle posting to Ubidots;

If you are seeing your data in Particle console at least it means the sensor is working :). Outside of that, it does not necessarily mean you are successfully publishing the data via web hooks to Ubidots. I hop my project helps, it includes my sample code.

You should be able ti simply replace my RFID data with your data acquired from the sensor.

Best of luck!!

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