[SOLVED] Possible to share a token across similar devices?


I want to build some water sense alarms that will let me know if a water leak has occurred. I have one of the units working and sending data no problem. I was going to setup a second unit running the same code but a different variable name. This way the same code could be used and the same dashboard can be shared across the units. Is this possible? I can see where there potentially could be synchronization issues where all three try to connect at the same time. Assuming I can overcome that is this possible?


Hello @jpaustin,

You shouldn’t have any issue uploading the same code with a different variable name, you will be able to send two variables from differents devices to one device on Ubidots. But, the properly way to create the app is using a device (Ubidots) for each device sending.

Also, you will don’t have any issue setting the dashboard because the widgets let you manage variables from differents devices.

Best Regards,
Maria C.


Yes I figured that was the “proper” method to have separate devices but I wanted to make a universal code per sense node and have them pass variables back and forth. Just seeing what I can get away with and the capabilities of the system. Thanks.


If you want to use an universal code, I recommend you make a function to get the mac address of each device, then yoy can assign it as device label, so once you upload the same code into the devices it will be create differents devices on Ubidots.

Maria C.