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[SOLVED] Possible to show more than one device on a dashboard?

I would like to show variables and values across two devices on a single dashboard, but I would like to do this at scale for many pairs of devices.

The only way I can see to do this is to code an HTML canvas widget for each dashboard and use the JS API to query for multiple values. For example, if one device were the active dashboard device, its properties or variables could be queried to determine the name label of its partner device, then further query that second device’s variables.

Is there an easier way to do this? Especially for many of the built-in widgets that already exist?

Hi there @incanus, thanks for your message. Actually, a feature as such is not possible to be implemented out of the box because every device is treated as an indepedent entity, without any relationship with other devices. I will pass your feedback to our PM as a feature request for future releases.

Have a nice rest of your day.

Hello @jotathebest, sorry to bug you with this but I have a similar question and I’m not sure I understand your answer correctly.

I’m monitoring three water tanks with three devices and I’d need to display the water level for all three tanks on one dashboard. Like Tank 1; Tank 2; Tank 3

The way I read your message Ubidots would not allow this and it makes me wonder because it would defy common sense. Please advise.


Greetings @Gabor, thanks for your message, your use case is quite different from the one shared by incanus, while you need to show statically data from three different devices, that is actually possible, he needed to retrieve dynamically data for the same dashboard from multiple devices, that is actually possible but for one device.

To your question, just simply create a static dashboard and add data from your three devices as you need.

All the best

Thank you @jotathebest, your response is much appreciated.

Hello @jotathebest , I realize this is a somewhat old thread but I believe I have a similar question. I posted a question HERE

I just want to clarify to this answer. If a client has several units in the field at various locations, and each unit has a different device, is there a way to view the summation of all these devices in one dashboard? I will still want there to be a way to view each individually, but I need a way to see the sum of all as well.


Hello @psalibe, yes, you can view the summation across the different devices through a synthetic variable that does the summation, later you may create a dynamic dashboard with a static widget that shows the synthetic variable for the summation, and finally in this dynamic dashboard you may switch between viewing each device individually. This way you can view each device individually and view the summation off them all in the same dashboard. Does this make sense?

Yes @Sebastian that makes sense! Thank you, appreciate your help.